Aging Matters: Finding Your Calling for the Rest of Your Life

Discover how work and purpose bring meaning to life

Eerdmans Summary

Vocational discernment, says R. Paul Stevens, is a lifelong process—one that takes on even more significance in later life.

In Aging Matters, Stevens argues that our calling does not end with formal retirement; to the contrary, we do well to keep on working, if possible, till life’s end.

Stevens delves into matters of calling, spirituality, and legacy in retirement, showing that we must continue to discern our vocation as we grow older in order to remain meaningfully engaged for the rest of your life.

He reframes retirement as a time of continued calling and productivity and points to biblical wisdom that can help us redefine aging as an extraordinarily fruitful season of life.


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Author: R. Paul Stevens | Narrator: Tom Force | Length: 5 hrs, 58 mins | Unabridged | English | $13.95 / 1 Audible Credit

Praise for Aging Matters

Eugene H. Peterson
— author of The Message
“Paul Stevens has spent a writing lifetime in shaping the Christian imagination into embracing the ordinary areas of life. Aging Matters may well be his most important work — important because we are living longer than ever and finding ourselves with fewer resources to live well and wisely. This book is a brilliantly crafted, prayerfully shaped witness for living to the glory of God.”

Marilyn McEntyre
— author of A Faithful Farewell
“Stevens’s understanding of aging as a calling provides a foundation for imaginative, generous reflection on the gifts and the tasks of later life. With candor regarding the temptations and limits that come with age, he offers an invigorating vision of final years lived generously and purposefully. The study guides following each chapter make this a valuable handbook to share with friends and partners in faith.”

Paul Pearce
— Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions, Carey Institute
“This well-researched, engaging book encourages readers to embrace aging as a process for continuing to mature personally, live purposefully, and stay involved practically with others in ministry. . . . A very helpful, hopeful, faith-informed approach to one of the most significant challenges of our time.”

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