Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind

Explore how faith creates a vibrant intellectual life

Eerdmans Summary

Already an acclaimed Christocentric theology for contemporary evangelical intellectual life, Mark Noll’s Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind significantly updates Noll’s critical assessment of evangelical Christian scholarship in his landmark Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. In this audiobook, Noll charts a positive way forward for evangelical thinking and learning.

Noll’s Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind shows how the orthodox Christology confessed in the ancient Christian creeds, far from hindering or discouraging serious scholarship, can supply the motives, guidance, and framework for learning. Christian faith, Noll argues, can richly enhance intellectual engagement in the various academic disciplines – and he demonstrates how by applying his insights to the fields of history (his own area of expertise), science, and biblical studies in particular.

In a substantial postscript, Noll candidly addresses the question How fares the “evangelical mind” today? as he highlights “hopeful signs” of intellectual life in a host of evangelical institutions, individuals, and movements.


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Author: Mark A. Noll | Narrator: Trevor Thompson | Length: 6 hrs, 10 mins | Unabridged | English | $19.95 / 1 Audible Credit

Praise for Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind

David Lyle Jeffrey
— Baylor University
“By drawing constructively on poets, theologians, philosophers – and especially on the great historic creeds and confessions of the faith – Noll has crafted a challenging, inspiring christological philosophy of Christian education for the twenty-first century. This is a major contribution.”

“Noll draws on an impressive breadth of material from sources as diverse as B. B. Warfield and Vatican II. This accessible book will appeal to those interested in the idea of Christian learning and in the relationship between Christian faith and the liberal arts and sciences. . . . Recommended.”

David P. Gushee
— Mercer University
“Though modest in length, this may be one of Noll’s most important scholarly contributions.”

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