Holy Spokes: The Search for Urban Spirituality on Two Wheels

A bike. A city. A new way to be community.

Eerdmans Summary

After Laura Everett’s car died on the highway one rainy night, she started riding her bicycle to work —and began an unlikely conversion to full-time bicycle commuter.

In Holy Spokes, Everett tells how she became a dedicated cyclist and uses her story to develop a distinctly urban spirituality.

With chapters structured around the parts of a bicycle, the book looks at the history of cycling, relates Everett’s own experiences biking in Boston, and reflects on the spiritual dimensions of moving through the city on two wheels.

“As I bike across the cobblestones and potholes of Boston,” Everett says, “I now have daily opportunity to see the life of my city more clearly, love the broken world around me more dearly, and follow this path more nearly. Curiously, I think I am closer to God because of my bicycle.”



©2018 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (P) 2017 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Author: Laura Everett | Narrator: Marnye Young | Length: 5 hrs, 17 mins | Unabridged | English | $19.95 / 1 Audible Credit

Praise for Holy Spokes

Amy Butler
— The Riverside Church
“Simultaneously revelatory and brilliantly accessible, Laura Everett’s Holy Spokes winds and weaves its way with grace through the little mysteries and miracles of daily life. In this beautiful book she shows us how a single activity—biking through Boston—properly observed, reveals the world. And when we begin to see what we already know, we recall that a generous attention and an open heart can transform even the most mundane tasks into a spiritual practice, occasions to encounter the divine.”

Elly Blue
— author of Bikenomics
“An enlightening spiritual introduction to the art of bicycling. . . . Everett reflects on her bicycling life using a spiritual frame—how to stay true, steer a steady course, find the right gear, know when to pedal, when to brake, and when to rest.”

Max Grinnell
— The Urbanologist
“In Holy Spokes Laura Everett offers us the world as viewed from the handlebars of her bike as she navigates Boston’s urban landscape, complete with sharrows, greenways, and contemplative aspects of cycling culture. She offers cadence and communion with the world around her as a way of being in a chaotic world. This book is a delight.”

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